my top 2 peoles choice nominees

1. My Search For The Friend I Left Behind (magazine article) Tony O’ Brien Pg. 114-117 (sightlines 10)
• I like how it is a true story
• They take a bad situation and make it tolerable
• They form a special bond
• They reunite

“ My search for the friend I left behind ,” A magazine article by Tony O’Brien. Tony was a freelance photographer from Sante Fe, New Mexico. At the time he was captured by the men in Afghanistan, he was 42, and he was working for Time Life Inc. The magazine article describes a dismal situation in which two people bond and make it friendly and tolerable. I liked this article because it showed a very strong commitment between two men and their need to reunite, and when you keep a positive outlook you can make it through any situation.
2. I Am A Rock ( song lyrics) Paul Simon pg. 3 – 4 (sightlines 10)
• I like how he used metaphors “ I am a rock”
• I like how he used alliteration “Deep dark December”
• I liked his rhyming “below/snow, died/cried, pain/disdain ,room/womb”
• I enjoyed listening to this song with music

“I Am a Rock,” by Paul Simon, is a song and poem that contains some very powerful words about life. Paul Simon was born in 1941, he is a singer, songwriter who still tours today. He started out in the duo, Simon & Garfunkel. In 2006 Simon was selected as one of the,“100 People Who Shaped the World,” by Time magazine. His song is about people building walls and not letting people get close. This song describes a safe and lonely existence in my opinion.

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